Paolo Gazzarrini

Paolo Gazzarrini is a Civil Engineer with over 30 years experience in the application of geotechnical techniques. His experience varies from geotechnical Contractor to engineering design. He was involved in foundation/grouting projects for major Hydroelectric projects in: Iraq (Mosul Dam), Colombia (Guavio), Argentina (Piedra del Aguila), Tunisia (Sidi El Barrack, Sidi Aich, Oued Barbara), Cyprus (Kannaviou), Pakistan (Ghazi Barotha Dam) and Canada-British Columbia (Bennet Dam, John Hart Dam and several IPP projects). His experience in foundation techniques, tunneling consolidation, diaphragm walls, and jet-grouting covers the geographic areas of Europe, North Africa, the Far East, US and Canada. Paolo is a Grouting/Foundation consultant based in Vancouver, BC, and graduated from the Milan (Italy) Polytechnic University.